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Dinner Money


Dinner money should be paid in advance please. For any outstanding monies a daily text will be sent. If dinner money is not paid after 2 weeks (£21.00) a text will be sent asking you to provide your child with a packed lunch. 

If the amount owed reaches £25.00 then the debt will be rferred to Matlock who will begin legal action.

 Free school meals


Children may be entitled to free school meals if their parents/carers are in receipt of certain support payments. 


Currently around 3,000 eligible children in Derbyshire Schools are not claiming their entitlement to free school meals.  Derbyshire have launched a campaign - Quids in - to remind parents/carers they can claim for free school meals.  We have also made it easier to apply and this can now be done on-line by simply going to to complete and submit the form. 


Paper application forms are still valid and a copy can be obtained from the school office.


If another of your children starts school and one of your children already has free school meals, we can add them to the application you already have. Just call the free school meals team tel: 01629 536400 or 01629 536481.


Parents can contact our benefits helpline on 01629 531535 or visit our welfare benefits pages for more information about entitlement to benefits.


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