1. Year 6 work from home

Over the past few weeks, some of the children at home and at school have been creating a 'video yearbook' to serve as a reminder of their time at Heath Fields. As we weren't able to put on an end of year play this year, we wanted to do something to mark the end of their Heath Fields journey... and this is it!

We hope you enjoy it! Well done the class of 2020!


Week 7 and 8 planning now on below... On Monday of week 8 we will be looking at the effects of smoking. This can be a sensitive issue and raises many questions. You may want to have a look through the power-point and lesson plan first. It may also be beneficial to children if parents were to go through this with them. As usual, any questions about this please e-mail me. 

Summer Term Two -  Week 7 (w/c 13th July) and Week 8 (w/c 20th July)

Please note that we are working on week 12 (week 7 maths on the plan)  on the White Rose website for maths. Week 8 maths for Monday and Tuesday - We are using a re-cap from White Rose for the maths activities but different power-points from the usual.

 Summer 2 Week 7
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 Summer 2 Week 8
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John Port update....26th June 2020

Please check your e-mails as John Port have sent out information regarding 'Meet the Tutor' which is due to take place on Tuesday 30th June and Wednesday 1st July. The children will need the information from John Port to access the meeting. Those pupils in school next week - we will do this together in class. I have your meet times and passwords.

John Taylor transition information...19th June 2020

I have been speaking with Mrs Plant (Head of School) regarding this years transition. She has asked me to inform that the school have been adding important information regarding transition to their website. The children will also be able to have a virtual tour of the school in the coming days. She has recommended that parents download the school's app as this is used regularly to communicate with parents. You can find details of this on their website:


John Port Information - Update 15th May 2020


Dear Primary Partners,


We have added a page to our website for parents, which will be updated regularly. We have also contact parents directly by email today to let them know that the induction days are not going ahead.


The link to the page is:

John Port Update.....

14th May 2020 - I have just received an e-mail update from John Port please have a read through. They have set the children some tasks to do. I have put these on the website below. For maths, have a read of the teacher pack first to help support your child on their maths pack - it might be worth waiting to see what support they are offering via the website they mention that they are setting up. I don't think these need forwarding to John Port but keep hold of them for now.  However, I would complete the literacy task and keep hold of it as it is used at the start of year 7 - please note it needs to done by hand and not computer. As soon as I know any more, I will let you know.


Dear Primary Partners,


Thank you very much for sending the Phase 3 information about the Year 6 children. We now have all the information that we need to begin and group the children into forms. Once grouped, we will send these over to you so that you can check for any issues. We would usually do this at the June Primary Partner meeting, however this will not now be going ahead.


Unfortunately, due to the latest government guidelines, we are unable to provide our Year 6 Induction Days as planned due to the large number of students it would involve. The safety and health of our students and staff is paramount and we are currently revising these plans to provide a safe alternative arrangement. We hope to be able to provide information about form groups and induction as soon as we can. Meanwhile, please could you reassure families that we are doing as much as possible to help the Year 6 children with the move to secondary school in these unusual times.


Attached are the Maths and English transition activities. I will be setting up a page on our website with the transition activities on, once this is done I will let you know so that you can send the link to parents if you wish to use the activities for distanced learning. The English activity however will need to be handwritten and not completed on a computer (so that we can see the handwriting).

 John Port
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School closures and John Port transition information

John Port have sent out this e-mail to local schools -

Dear Primary Partners,

 In these uncertain times we will continue to communicate with you regarding the Year 6-7 Transition process. Unfortunately due to the school closures we are unable to complete all of the planned Phase 2 visits. We will make a decision regarding Phase 3 visits in April/May following government advice. We may be unable to offer the GAP and LEARN groups as planned will still plan for SEN needs in our new intake with any information you can provide us with. We are looking at building a Google form that we will be able to send to you after Easter, to enable you to share information with us about your students.


If you have any 'All About You Forms' that have been completed, please post these to John Port Spencer Academy. If you did not get the chance to complete these with students, the form is attached. Could this be emailed to students to complete at home and then emailed back to us at Please reassure students that we will do all that we can to make sure that their transition to Year 7 in September is well supported.


We will have to  make a decision regarding the Induction Days planned for 30th June and 1st July once we know more details about the length of school closures. 

All About You Forms...

We didn't get to complete these in school so if your child is going to John Port can you please fill out and send back the form as instructed above. The form is below under Home Learning - Year 6 School Closure. Thank you.

Mr Mackinnon



From Monday 20th April, we updated the home learning tasks on the website again. We’re providing a weekly ‘pick and mix’ style sheet which provides spelling, times tables, literacy, maths and cycles through a range of foundation subject tasks. We understand that every family is approaching home learning differently. For some, you’ll be maintaining a timetable that means children access school work on a daily basis, perhaps on a timetable; for others, juggling the demands of working from home yourselves or where computer access needs to be shared, completing school tasks is approached on a more flexible basis. Either method is fine –trying to keep children on task whilst you work, sort out household jobs, face worries about job security or finances and balance your own wellbeing needs in an anxious time is a tough ask! What we’ve tried to do with the home learning sheets is to provide ample activities for those working to a timetable but also provide the ability to pick and choose for those working flexibly. Please do not worry if you cannot complete all these activities –pick and choose according to your own home circumstances and what your child is comfortable in doing.

As a guide, a typical day might include:

  • Spellings or Times tables  (30 minutes)
  • Maths  (45 minutes - 1 hour) 
  • Break time
  • English 
  • Lunch time
  • Topic  (30 minutes- 1 hour)
  • PE  (30 minutes)
  • Supplementary activities like baking, a walk, playing board games etc

Our Year 6 'Show and Tell' is really starting to look good. Have a look further down the page and don't forget to send in your photos if you haven't yet!

Welcome to Taskmaster! To play along at home, read each task carefully - you can think as creatively as you can about the task but you must follow the rules set out in each one. Entries can be sent to and I will upload the best ones. Please keep any videos to under one minute. Have lots of fun!!

First task: Throw a piece of A4 paper into a bin. You decide - Who Wins?

Second task: Make and demonstrate the best method of transport inside your home. You must be able to get in or on your method of transport. You have until Midday on Monday the 3rd! Your time starts NOW!

THIRD TASK: Re-enact a momentous moment from History. The most authentic and powerful re-enactment wins... 

TASK 4 Put on an item of clothing in the most unusual way. The most usual donning of clothing WINS... You have until 6pm on Friday 15th May. Your time starts now....

Year 6 Show and Tell...

Welcome to the new 'Show and Tell' area where we'll be posting pictures of things you've sent in. You may want to show off some work you've done, send us a picture of something you've been up to like baking or gardening or just write to tell me how you are. Send your bits and pieces to my email ( and I will upload it here!

Message from Mr Mackinnon:

"Hi everyone! Hope you're all well and making the most of the sunny weather we've had. I bet you've all been eating lots of chocolate eggs from Easter too! I just wanted to share with you a picture of my chickens who have been keeping me company during the lockdown. They love eating vegetable scraps and in return lay me an occasional egg too. Their names are Cornflake, Cluckles, Nathan, Stella, Cookie and Star."

Message from Mrs Hansford:

Hi year 6, hope you are all well. I have been in school this week and as you can see I have upgraded from flying a broom to flying a kite. Stay safe and see you soon love Mrs Hansford

The Eye Gallery...

Have a look at our Year 6 artwork - We have received some amazing sketches. Well done to those who have sent them through.

Look at this piece of fantastic animation from LMB.  Great work!

Thank you for sending me these LMB - looks like you have been very busy. Excellent standard of work as always. So who is your Mayan God based on? Looks familar! Who had the most slices of cake I wonder? Loving the sketch of the eye too - very artistic!

Lovely Mayan headress - Great colourful design - well done!

Evelyn  has been very busy doing her work every morning (no change there Evelyn!). She has also been writing her own book Sarah the Spy. (Can't wait to read this Evelyn!)

Evelyn also had a go at some Mondrian Art Puzzles. These look amazing!

Mondrian Art Puzzles

Evelyn heard about these from her brother who was set the task as homework. Evelyn thought they looked fun so had a go! She did so well she even beat her brother!! (He's in year 8!) 

The basic principle is that you have a square made up of smaller squares that you then have to divide into different coloured rectangles.

The rules are -

  1. You must fill the whole square
  2. Every rectangle must be different (cannot have a 4x5 rectangle & a 5x4 rectangle on the same grid)
  3. You have to use as few colours as possible, but no rectangles of the same colour can touch either sides or corners.

You work out your score by taking away the size of the smallest rectangle from the largest and the idea is to get the lowest number possible.

Have a look at Evelyn's fantastic work below (click on the picture to get a better look)- well done Evelyn.


You need to see this fantastic Mayan work that Evelyn has done... Great work - Again Evelyn!!!

Quite simply.....Excellent artwork Evelyn!

S has been extremely busy since school closed. She has designed her own timetable and from what mum says she is sticking to it well! Have a look at some of the wonderful work she has done below (Click on the image to get a better look). Mrs Hansford and I were particularly impressed with her baking skills! Hint Hint!! 

S continues to work hard at home. Bake off in future years!!! Lovely work on the Mayans - well done.

Evie N has been keeping herself busy by: baking ;going on her trampoline (even making beds on it); getting into photography; and doing her daily exercise where she also gets alot of her photos.. - I really like that you have been giving photography a go - it's a great hobby to have! Lovely photos.(Click on the images below to see them in a larger form). Again, I see baking has been done! When we are back Mrs Hansford and I will be waiting for your cakes too!! The use of colons and semi-colons were noticed as well! We are both very proud teachers!!

O has been very busy over the last few weeks. I'm loving the fantastic presentation and detail in your work. Helping out at home too! I bet that garden shed will be there for years and years now! We have definitely had the weather to get out and enjoy the garden (after work/school work of course!). First boy to message with work too! Hint Hint boys!!!! 

Sian has clearly been working hard... She has learnt about Egypt and built her own model Sarcophagus. It looks amazing! Currently she is working on her maya topic and has completed her timeline. She has also found her 5 interesting facts - all connected to the pok-a-tok game. She has done some cooking and made her own rice pudding. I just love that the children are getting in the kitchen! Sian has also been learning to crochet with her sister. She has made a VE Day flower to wear in her hair for the picnic on the front for VE Day. Again, this looks amazing Sian. Keep up the hard work!

Thanks again Sian for sending in your work. Sounds like you enjoyed the Mayan work on Gods. Some thoughtful lines too in your VE day thanksgiving piece.

Some more excellent work from Sian. Solid advice on the sun cream! Love the alter - great work!!

Loving the amount of work George has been putting in! English, science and baking to name a few. I hear you have busy in the garden too George! Keep up the hard work - remember it will all pay off! Fingers crossed the football comes back and we can wrap up this title!!!!!

Great to hear from N. Still enjoying maths - well done N. From the looks of it you have been really busy and doing a wide variety of things too! Loving the sketch of the eye - so realistic - excellent work! Mum tells me  you have been watching Race Across the World and got to see people visiting ancient Mayan cities. Hope you enjoyed it. Another year 6 pupil baking... I have to ask the question... Why not between September and March? Mrs Hansford and I are good food critics you know! So flapjacks with very little help!! AGAIN, when we are back.....

N continues to work hard at home. He has even signed up to learn BSL! Excellent N - very proud of you. Can't wait for you to start teaching me some sign language! Thank you for sending me your photos and I'm really pleased to see you take on a challenge too!

As you can see from the photos, C has been busy! Lots of variety in your activities C good to see. Although, the baking thing is starting to feel like you year 6s are doing this on purpose!!! (See previous pictures from just about everyone!) Nobody baked cakes before March!! You lot wait!!! Anyway, great work C - loving the gardening work - are those Lupins I see? How is the compost doing now?

Here is some more work from C. A mix this time as there are some tasks for scouts that he has carried out. Again, more baking I see! 

Some excellent work here from Euan. Some lovely drawings and information on a variety of things. You really are a talented bunch in year 6. Keep up the hard work Euan. To see see his work open the file Euan below.

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Good to see you L! You have been very creative from the pictures you have sent me. I'm loving the helicopter - did it take long to make? Are you missing the football? Keep up the hard work!

Nice to hear from Jess - you could sell those bookmarks - they are fantastic. The heart using salt dough is excellent - love it!

Lovely to hear from F. He has been keeping busy with his school work. Working hard. F has enjoyed carrying out the experiment proving that light only travels in straight lines,using 3 pieces of card a hole punch and a torch. F has enjoyed Topic and is looking forward to designing and making a Maya Head-Dress this week. He bought the book - The Boy at The Back of The Class - which he is enjoying and is keeping up with his reading each day. He also bought a book on Algebra just before School closed, so he has been working through that aswell as the Maths work sent from school and the SATS practice workbooks. The same with English. Other than school work F made a Volleyball/Badminton net between a tree and his goal post in the garden with a washing line and has been enjoying family tournaments. He has washed cars and done a spot of gardening.  You have been so busy F - it's great to see. Keep up the hard work!

Summer Term - Week One

 Week One
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 Week Two
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 Week Three
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 Week 4
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 Week 5
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 Summer 2 Week 1
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 Summer 2 Week 2
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 Week 3 of Summer 2
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 Summer 2 Week 4
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 Summer 2 Week 5
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 Summer 2 Week 6
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Below you will find all the work that was set when we closed. It is now all in one folder.

 Year 6 School Closure
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