1. Year 3 SG work from home

Hope you all had a lovely half term!****Check out the special video created by Miss Grimsey on our homepage    :-)  ****



Hello everyone,


Here are some activities for you to work on whilst school is closed. Try to complete a few each day as well as reading lots and continuing to practise your times tables. If you were in school during the last week before our closure, you will also have taken home your handwriting book so keep practising those joins too!


I will update the activities on a Sunday so that you will have new ones to try each week.

Everyone in year 3 also has login details for Showbie. On here, you can send me any work that you have completed if you would like to. If you do not have your login details, please email me and I will send them to you. 


I look forward to hearing about your learning and seeing you all again very soon!


Keep in touch and keep smiling!


Miss Grimsdell, Mrs Taberner and Mrs Whyman



 Update 31st May 


Hello everyone!


I hope that you are all well and had a lovely half term enjoying lots of fun in the sunshine!


Today I have added lots of new activities for you to try. As always, I would love to see your work or photos via Showbie or by email. I am always really proud of what you have done and enjoy looking at everything that you send. 


Remember that there is a special singing event on Tuesday 2nd June at 2:30pm called Power in Me. I know how much some of you love to sing so check out the details in the music section of the website. 

As always, my key message is to stay safe!

I am missing you all lots and look forward to seeing you again soon. 




Time to make a wish!

Brain Mindfulness Clipart

Create your own wish jar by following the instructions on the video below. 




Math Numeracy Clipart Have fun using the 2D shapes to create your own dinosaur! 

Are there any other 2D shapes you could add to your finished creature? 

Build a dinosaur


Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ...

Can you inflate a balloon using only a bottle of fizzy pop?

Complete the investigation found here and find out!


Spelling treeWho is the spacesuit snatcher?

Can you use the clues and your incredible skills to find out who has stolen the spacesuit and hidden it? Use the link below to solve the crime!

The Mystery of the Spacesuit Snatcher



Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ...Do you fancy a cool treat for those sunny days?

Try making your own ice cream at home? Follow the instructions here!  







Charlie has a very important job! Read our new story here to find out what it is.  


Answer these questions about the story:


Which of the children wanted to be a firefighter when they were older?

Why did Charlie say that her job was hard?

What did Mr Clark take photos of?

What activity did the children do after they had tried the hose?

What important message did Charlie give Ayesha at the end of the story? 



Fireman Birthday Party Clipart - features Firefighter, Fire Truck ... 

Read this text about Fantastic Firefighters and see if you can answer the questions. 




Fireman Birthday Party Clipart - features Firefighter, Fire Truck ...

What can you find out about firefighters and the very special job that they do?

You can use one of these sheets to help with your research. 



Choose one of these writing activities to have a go at:



 There is a job for a new firefighter at Charlie's station. Can you create a suitable job advert for the post. Think about the things that a firefighter does. What skills would they need to do the job? 



The children from the Tulip Class want to thank Charlie for letting them visit the fire station. Can you write a thank you letter from one of the children? Remember to tell Charlie how much you enjoyed the visit and what new information you learnt. 


Try to remember these things in your writing:


Capital letters for the start of all sentences and for names.

Correct punctuation in your sentences (full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas in a list)

Clear sentences that make sense. Remember to read each one carefully.  

Here are two more writing activities based on our story for you to try if you have some spare time.  

What Am I?

My Dream Job






 Spelling tree NEW   Can you put the letters of the alphabet into order in less than 30 seconds? Not as easy as it sounds! Try here.


 Spelling tree  Try playing Against the Clock. This game uses words containing ei. Listen to each word and then try to spell it. 


  • Spelling tree  Here are three new spelling wordsearches for you to try. How quickly can you find all of the words?  
  • Wordsearch one

Wordsearch two

Wordsearch three

 Spelling tree  NEW   Put your spelling skills to the test in Trapped!


 Mental Maths

Mental Math Clipart  NEW  Use your maths skills to destroy the bricks on Monty's Maths Wall


 Mental Math Clipart NEW  Are you ready for another fraction challenge? Time to visit Fraction Beach.


  Mental Math Clipart NEW Practise your times tables and related division facts using one of the games below:


Tractor Multiplication


Grand Prix Multiplication


Pumpkin Multiples





Math Numeracy Clipart   Can you cut out and match the 2D shapes to each description?  

2D shapes


Math Numeracy Clipart   How many different 2D shapes can you find around your house? Can you name each one that you find?  



  Math Numeracy Clipart   See if you can draw the correct shape to match each description. There are 3 different levels of challenge for you to choose from.

Draw the shape


Fireman Birthday Party Clipart - features Firefighter, Fire Truck ...  How many of these addition and subtraction problems can you solve? 

Word Problems

  Fireman Birthday Party Clipart - features Firefighter, Fire Truck ...  Use your mental maths skills to complete these mosaics. 

Mental Maths Mosaic

Multiplication Mosaic




Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ... Learn more about the differences between solids, liquids and gases. Work through this PowerPoint and watch this video.

        • Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ...  Find out more about freezing and melting here. You can watch the video and play the games to help you understand more.
        • Can you draw a diagram and write a few sentences to explain what you have learnt?
    • Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ...  What is evaporation and condensation? Watch the video and play the games on the webpage to help you understand more. 



    Science Clip Art (With images) | Science lab decorations, Science ... Which type of chocolate do you think will melt the quickest? Can you set up your own investigation to find out?

    (This is definitely an experiment which will require adult supervision!) Parents, look at the website here to find out more about the investigation you can do together, and there are videos also on this webpage that you might want to look at together. 






    Jackson Pollock was an American abstract painter. An abstract painter is someone who paints something which is not an object or a living thing. Instead, they play with line, colour and shape. Here is an example of his work. What do you think of it?

     Getty lab cleans Jackson Pollock's 1943 'Mural.' What a difference ...



    Can you create your own Jackson Pollock inspired painting with ice? Find out how to make ice paints here. You could make the coloured ice paints without the popsicle stick and instead, put a small piece of paper in a tray or tin, then roll your ice cubes around by moving the tray side-to-side as they melt. What patterns and effects can you create?





    • Learn all about how to create cool things on the computer by learning how to code. Follow the lessons on this website. There are 5 lessons so far, but more are due to be added soon. Work through the lessons at your own pace.




    • Do you miss our assembly songs? Visit this website and they release a song each day to sing along to. I think you will recognise a few of these songs!
    • Out of the ark music at home

    I also have the children's login details for Charanga which is the music programme that the children use at school with Miss Fogg. Please email me if you would like your child's login. 




    Staying Active




     Brain Mindfulness ClipartEvery day this week, before you go to sleep each night, take the time to think of three things you are grateful for that day. 

    Bedtime Gratitude Cards


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartCreate your own calm jar:   Calm Jar Activity


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartChoose one of these positivity quotes and create an illustration for it:

    Positive Thoughts Activity


     Brain Mindfulness ClipartRead and follow these instructions on how to create your own worry doll:

    How To Make Your Own Worry Doll


    Brain Mindfulness Clipart     Have a go at making your own wish jar by following the instructions on this video.


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartDesign your own 'positive thinking' cap! 

    Positive Thinking Cap Worksheet


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartBe a calmer llama with this line and dot, art-inspired mindfulness activity.  

    Line and dot mindfulness


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartHere is another calmer llama activity! This time it is a 3D mindfulness doodle:

    3D mindfulness doodle


    Brain Mindfulness ClipartThinking about what makes you happy can really cheer you up if you are feeling sad.

    Can you make a list of the things that make you happy?

    Happiness Is Poem Activity