1. Year 1 work from home

Wishing everyone with a birthday over the summer a happy birthday!



Year one, it is strange that we do not get to end the year with a small party and to say goodbye in the usual way. I am proud of your achievements in year one and your continued achievements working from home. It has been an unsettling time for everybody and you have all been amazing! I have spoken to Mrs Heathcote about you and told her how lucky she is to be getting such wonderful children in year 2.  Thank you for the messages and photos that I have received. I enjoyed seeing your lovely work, your creativity and your smiling faces!

Wishing you a safe and happy summer break and looking forward to seeing you in school in September.

Mrs Parkes x


Although there is no more work  for the holidays, you can still access the work set for the summer term on the webpage and the Oak National Academy has some holiday learning (see link below).


 Blue Peter are giving children the opportunity to earn the ‘six badges of summer.’ The badges include the green badge, the sports badge, the music badge, the purple badge, the silver badge and the blue badge. All of the information that you need can be found here:

Derbyshire Summer Reading Challenge

Click the link below to see how you can get involved 

You can email me at:

Some of the wonderful artwork being created at home, inspired by Van Gogh's Sunflower paintings.


Phonics overview for the different phases. Y1 children focus on recapping phase 3 and securing phase 4 and 5.

Here is a link to BBC bitesize which has a variety of lessons across all subjects. Some of it may be of interest to you and your child.

Please remind your child to stay safe online and if they are unsure about anything, they need to turn the tablet over/close the computer/ turn off the screen and to tell you.

Home learning powerpoints

Click here for week 1 PPT

Clich here for week 2 PPT

 Click here for week 3 PPT

Click here for summer term week 1 PPT

Click here for summer term week 2 PPT

Click here for the summer term week 3 PPT

Click here for the summer term week 4 PPT

Click here for the summer term week 5 PPT

Half term PPT

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 1

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 2

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 3

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 4

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 5

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 6

Click here for summer term 2nd half week 7

 Ongoing maths from weeks 1 -3

 missing numbers 1

missing numbers 2

 mixed number bonds

 emoji addition

 number sequencing

 tens frame

counting in 2s

counting in 5s

counting in 10s 

Number bonds of 10 - stars


Additional number bond resources from previous weeks

number bonds to 10 - bar model

number bonds to 10 - stories (related facts)

number bonds to 10 - hidden additions

mixed number bonds to 20

number shape addition to 20

number bonds to 20 booklet

find and make number bonds guidance

find and make number bonds

find and make number bonds answers

compare number bonds

Compare number bonds guidance

compare number bonds answers

 Number bonds to 10 song

Rainbow to 10


Ongoing Literacy from weeks 1 -3

 first 100 words list

 first 100 word handwriting sheet

 next 200 words list


Phonics from previous weeks

ea worksheet , ee language worksheet,  e-e worksheet,

mixed alternative ee worksheet

worksheet, ie worksheet, i-e worksheet, y worksheet

 mixed alternative igh worksheet

PPT oo, PPT ew, worksheet ew,

PPT ue, worksheet ue, worksheet u-e,

 mixed oo language worksheet,

phoneme spotter 1, phoneme spotter 2

Worksheet ou,  phoneme spotter 1 ow/ou,

wordsearch ow/ou, cloze activity ow,

Worksheet oy, phoneme spotter 2 oi/oysentence and spelling oi/oy

mixed language sheet oi/ou

worksheet aw, worksheet au, worksheet almixed language sheet

phoneme spotter 1, phoneme spotter 2

 worksheet ow, worksheet o-e, worksheet oe, mixed oa language worksheet

er worksheet, ir worksheet, ear worksheet, language sheet

phoneme spotter, ir/er/ur activity sheet 1 or activity sheet 2

 wh worksheet, ph worksheet, zh worksheet, mixed language

 ere/eer , are/ear, language;  alternative s words PPT;  se worksheet;

sc and st worksheet;  ce, ci and cy worksheet;  language worksheet

ing PPT

adding ing - actions worksheet

ing wordcards for game (see PPT)

adding ing

Application - writing 'ing' words 

Sorting 'ed' sounds

ed PPT

In the past activity

Act it out

Adding ed

Find a partner - adding ed

Application - writing 'ed' words

making an adjective stronger PPT

adding 'er' and 'est'

'er' or 'est' ending

adding 'er', 'ed' and 'ing'

jumbled words ending in 'ed', 'er' and 'est'

Summer term - week 12 (13th July)


lesson 1 - time to the hour                         answers

lesson 2- time to the half hour                answers

lesson 3 - writing time                                answers

lesson 4 - comparing time                        answers

Clock template 1

Clock template 2

Literacy - talk for writing project

Bob, the bubble who wanted to be useful

Phonics - plurals (s and es)

s and es PPT

es after x and s PPT

matching words and pictures - es after x and s

Adding es after x and s worksheet

Colin's Walk es after x and s worksheet

suffix s worksheet

suffix es worksheet 1

suffix es worksheet 2

language sheet

make it plural sheet - s and es

spelling practice - s and es


Science (plants)

Plant PPT

Tree observation sheet


Activity sheet 1  - growing a flower

Activity sheet 2 - plants we eat

Activity sheet 3 - plant parts and plant needs

Activity sheet 4 - parts of plants that we eat


Vincent Van Gough Information PPT

Sunflower fork painting


Darwin the lookout - Chapter 2

Postcard from Fiona the plant hunter

Activity 1 - Thinking Walk

Activity 2 - Spot the Plant

Activity 3 - Help: sheet 1, sheet 2

Doodle book cover sheet



Dance moves supporting sheet

Dance moves instruction sheet

Going wild supporting sheet

Going wild instruction sheet



Summer term - week 11 ( 6th July)

lesson 1 - describe turns                                        answers

lesson 2 - describe position                                 answers

lesson 3 - describe position                              answers

lesson 4 - problem solving                                  answers

Summer term - week 10 (29th June) 

Lesson 1 - ordering numbers                                 answers

Lesson 2 - recognising coins                               answers

Lesson 3 - recognising notes                                  answers

Lesson 4 - counting in coins                                    answers

Summer term- week 9 (22nd June)

lesson 1 - counting to 100                                 answers

lesson 2 -  partitioning numbers                    answers

lesson 3 -  comparing numbers                      answers

lesson 4 -  comparing numbers                      answers 

Summer term - week 8 (15th June)

lesson 1 - make arrays                                            answers

lesson 2 - make doubles                                        answers

lesson 3 - make equal groups - sharing      answers

lesson 4 - make equal groups - grouping   answers

Summer term - week 7 (8th June)

lesson 1 - counting in 2s                          answers

lesson 2 - counting in 5s                          answers

lesson 3 - counting in 10s                       answers

lesson 4 - adding equal groups           answers

Summer term - week 6 (1st June)

lesson 1 - measure mass                                       answers

lesson 2 - compare mass                                          answers

lesson 3 - introduce capacity and volume     answers

lesson 4 - measure capacity                                 answers


Previous Literacy units

Brian Bear's Picnic - talk for writing project 4

Sayeeda, the pirate princess - talk for writing project 3

Pippety Skycap - talk for writing project 2

Sidney Spider - talk for writing project 1



Lesson 1  

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5


Literacy unit (if you have finished Sayeeda, the Pirate Princess)

lesson 1

lesson 2

lesson 3


lesson 5


Litaercy - based on superheroes

Superheroes all sorts

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Lesson 5

Literacy - 2nd week based on superheroes

Superheroes - all sorts

lesson 1

lesson 2

lesson 3

lesson 4

lesson 5

Click below for additional resources

 Lego challenge activities