1. #Stayhomestayactive

A huge well done and congratulations to all that participated in the Virtual School Games Championship just before the summer break. It took the South Derbyshire ASP a little longer to sort through all of the many results than they had expected. The results were confirmed to me last week whilst away on holiday...

Heath Fields came a very respectable and proud 2nd place - Silver, with a total of 148 points, only just behind winners Etwall with 171 points. This fantastic achievement means the school have won 10 x yellow Nike jumpers - perfect for a school sports team.

Due to the amazing engagement the school have also been rewarded with an enrichment afternoon as soon as it is safe enough - Kurling/Archery, we had the most entries out of the 10 schools that took part across all of the 5 competitions over the 5 days - 232 in school and 51 at home, BRILLIANT support from everyone that participated.

Finally, Heath Fields have 11 individual winners over the 5 events. Each winner will receive a certificate and medal sometime in September:

SPEED BOUNCE: Yr1 James R, Yr2 Maisie W, Yr5 Chloe A

WALL CATCH: Yr1 Leo N, Yr6 Lily MO

TIPPY TAPS: Yr1 Leo N, Yr2 Jessica O, Yr4 Corey F, Yr6 Luke D


MOVE THE BALL: Yr1 Olivia B, Yr6 Luke D

An extra well done to the above 11 individual winners, especially YR1 Leo and Yr6 Luke - both winning 2 events overall.

Thank you all once again - pupils, staff and parents, such a fantastic achievement because of your support, engagement, willingness to try new activities, commitment, teamwork and encouragement to stay healthy and active. A little extra positivity for the whole school to celebrate as the summer term ended, especially during these slightly strange and unprecedented times.

Enjoy the remaining summer break, take care all, stay safe and hopefully see most of you again very soon.

Mrs Shenton

To recognise our ongoing achievement and commitment in the school games programme during the Autumn and Spring terms Heath Fields have just been awarded, at the beginning of August, with the School Games Recognition Award 2019/20. With schools not being able to compete in the events and competitions planned for the remaining spring and 2 summer terms, this award is an alternative to the annual School Games Mark (Heath Fields have been awarded the SG Gold Mark for the past 4 consecutive years since 2015/16) for schools that maintained their commitment during 2019/20. Fantastic award - the pupils have had some wonderful achievements this academic year in PE, various inter and intra Competitions, Lunchtime leaders and extra curricular sports clubs. Well done everyone! Very proud.. 

I would like to wish all parents and pupils of Heath Fields a super summer break. I will look forward to seeing most of you back in September. Thank you for your support and sharing photos and videos for the Stay Active page over the last weeks. Below is a photo gallery of some of the sporting activities our current year 6 have participated in over the past 2 years. Some lovely treasured memories. Stay Safe and stay Active. Mrs Shenton.

Derbyshire Summer Staycation - activities & resources

I have delivered PE to another wonderful year 6 class 2019-20. Even though the last few months have been a little unusual and not how we normally finish the year 6 term, I couldn’t miss awarding the Sports Awards. There were a few competitions that couldn’t take place over the summer term, but Heath Fields had already achieved some fantastic results from September through to March. We started back in September with individual success in X - Country, 1st-Gold in the Girls Football, 3rd-bronze and 4th with two Table Tennis teams, 2nd-Silver in Tag Rugby, 1st-Gold for Basketball (retaining the title for a third consecutive year), 3rd-bronze and 4th in Indoor Athletics, Individual success in a Swimming Gala, 3rd-bronze in Gymnastics, and just before finishing school, winning all 5 Cluster Netball league Games from November to February. 

A truly fantastic talented group of individuals with a few pupils that have really outshone, contributing to the schools sporting achievements, demonstrating commitment and dedication attending before and after school sport clubs, additional training and competing in competitions.

Award Winners:

‘Contribution to Sport’ - Winners: Evie and Luke, 

Runner up - Logan. 

Contribution to sport certificates: Jessica, Lily, Scarlett, Emily, Oliver, George, Archie and Kayden. 

‘Most Improved Netball player’: Evelyn.

‘Star of the Netball Court”: Sian. 

‘Outstanding PE’: Lilly.

Thank you Year 6 for all your hard work, always demonstrating the ‘Your School Games Values’ - Teamwork, Honesty, Passion, Self Belief, Determination and Respect. You are all highly thought of and I will miss our PE lessons together and sports clubs. Wishing you all Good luck for your new chapter and adventures as you move on.

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Active. Mrs Shenton

This is fantastic : 2 sisters, one back flip... Well done Evie and Ruby, amazing!!



The School Games Organiser network and Active Derbyshire are working together to create and publish a weekly programme of activities to help support schools to assist parents and carers to maintain an active routine for children and young people whilst at home or when socially distancing in essential care.


Please use the link below to the first weeks programme based around golf.


Derbyshire Games Activities - Golf


This week - week 2 is Football skills. 


Derbyshire Games Activities - Football

Week 3 - Netball Skills * A few of the HF netballers have demonstrated some of the activities in a video below*

Derbyshire Games Activities - Netball

Week 4  - Orienteering is the week 4 activity. I would love to see any pictures of you having a go at orienteering at home.

Derbyshire Games Activities - Orienteering 

Week 5 - The theme for this weeks activities is Athletics.

Derbyshire Games Activities - Athletics

Week 6 - Cricket skills this week


Derbyshire Games Activities - Cricket


Week 7 - Gymnastics 

Derbyshire Games Activities - Gymnastics 

Week 8 - Sports Day

Derbyshire Games Activities - Sports Day

Week 9 - Boccia

Derbyshire Games Activity - Boccia

Week 10 - Racket sports

Derbyshire Games Activity - Racket Sport


For some superb Dance activities, videos and resources - Africa, Egypt, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Brazil, Caribbean, USA, please visit 


NATIONAL SCHOOL SPORTS WEEK - Youth Sport Trust - Saturday 20th June - Friday 26th June

For 2020, National School Sports Week will become National School Sports Week at Home. This year we want to unite the whole country - families and schools in a celebration of the power of sport to bring people together to capture the enjoyment, challenge and camaraderie they are missing out on. Please see the photos below and click on the link. As always, I would love to see any videos or photos of you to put on this page for others to see of you participating. 

Youth Sport Trust Sports day activities


Heath Fields have been awarded a certificate and badge, being recognised for our support, commitment and engagement of virtual programmes during the summer term. Brilliant! Thank you to pupils and parents that have embraced these activities in the safety of your homes keeping yourselves active, we love seeing your photos and videos. Keep them coming! 



**Keep an eye out for the Primary School Virtual Championship - week commencing Monday 6th July to Friday 10th July (Challenges will be available here from Friday 3rd July to practise). A chance for all pupils in school and at home to participate and compete together. The competition is for years 1 - 6, Reception can still join in though and have a go.
If competing from home, results must be entered online, in school I will submit results. Each day will have a different challenge themed around a different sport, each competition is a 60 second challenge. Results will be compared per year group, after all 5 competitions have finished schools will be ranked in positions in each year group. An average score will be calculated per school regardless of number of entries and year groups.

Championship winning school - virtual games trophy and an afternoon at the Apex climbing centre.
2nd & 3rd - 10 x yellow Nike jerseys for a school team.
Design a medal winner - family pass for the Apex climbing centre for 1 class.
School with the most entries - Archery/New Age Kurling enrichment afternoon
It would be fantastic if as many of you at home would participate along with those pupils taking part in school - a different kind of Heath Fields School Sports day, all supporting each other. It’s not quite the same as being on the school field and cheering for our friends and house teams but it’s a great way of coming together through sport and having fun.

Please see below the 5 Virtual Games challenges and the ‘Design a medal’ template, ready to start Monday 6th July. Have a practise at the challenges over the weekend. Remember you Must submit your child’s details and score on the day of that respective challenge by 9pm following the link at the bottom of each challenge card. The medal design must be submitted by 7pm Friday 10th July.

Monday - Athletics/Speed Bounce, Tuesday - Cricket/Wall Catch, Wednesday - Football/Tippy Taps, Thursday - Golf/Putting target, Friday - Netball/Move the ball.

Please email me with your videos or photos showing you participating so that I can post them on here and the school Twitter page, your friends and teachers and Sports Partnership would love to see them. Any problems or queries about any of the challenges don’t hesitate to message me. Good luck and have fun!   

An excellent first day participating and joining in with the South Derbyshire Virtual School Games Championship - Speed Bounce. Day 1 has seen just under 50 pupils in school, and many at home participate. Brilliant support. See a couple of pupils at home have taken photos showing them taking part - some great techniques. Keep going everyone, 4 more days, 4 new challenges. Remember to follow the link on each Activity card to submit your scores before 9pm.

Day 2 - challenge 2 Cricket / Wall catch. Well done in completing today’s challenge. Some great scores again. Lovely to have videos and photos sent of you participating. Don’t forget to join in tomorrow-day 3 Football/‘tippy taps’. 

Day 3 - Tippy taps proved to be a little tricky today. Well done to all that participated at school and at home and for demonstrating 2 of the School Games Values - DETERMINATION and SELF BELIEF. Some great scores again, brilliant, keep going team Heath Fields! Golf challenge tomorrow, who can hit the most targets..

Day 4 - Golf Challenge. Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed today’s challenge, not easy to hit many targets but great fun. The competition isn’t open to Reception but we have encouraged them in school and hopefully at home to participate. After today’s challenge Reception also designed some fantastic medal designs, amazing!

 Day 5 - Final Challenge - Netball. Well done to everyone for taking part in the final challenge - rotating a ball around the waist. There have been some super techniques, including a little belly dancing!! Thank you to everyone for supporting the Virtual competition, taking photographs, videos and for submitting daily scores. I would also like to thank the Sports Partnership for putting the event together, the daily challenges have enabled pupils at home and in school to join in together through sport, they have helped keep children active each day and engaged in an activity. Brilliant!!

Not only have Albi in Reception and his brother Freddie in Year 2 joined in with the Virtual School Games competition but they have made an alphabetical list of sports. I’m very impressed boys, I didn’t know some of them!!!! I love what you’ve written the list on!! Ha ha!!

Alexia in Year 4 has entered ‘Heath Fields Got Talent’ with a Gymnastics routine, she has videoed the routine herself in her back garden. Alexia is super talented at Gymnastics, she attends Gymnastics lessons at Uttoxeter. I’m really pleased that she has agreed to share the video with us to put on the stay active page. Thanks Alexia, super routine, good luck in the talent show. Fantastic to see you are practising safely at home, hopefully you will be back to your sessions very soon.

Well done to Jessica from year 3 and brother Samuel in Reception - wonderful photos of them hosting their own garden sports day. I’m exceptionally impressed with their sports day set up, running, hurdling, sack races and space hoppers. They had some tough competition racing against their teddies! Great to see them embracing National School Sports Week at home, most importantly it looks like they had lots of fun. Thank you for sharing your day with us. Stay healthy, stay active.

Our school has teamed up with Derby County to be part of the Joy of Moving Home/School Festivals which is an initiative being ran by the English Football League across clubs throughout the whole of England; these festivals are a brilliant opportunity for pupils of a primary school age to be physically active during the current times and part of something that thousands of schools and pupils will be involved in.


The Festival booklet is attached for your own use at home or at school & is already designed with an example layout on how your child may take part in this festival! Please feel free to share the booklet/activities with any other friends or family members of a primary child age.


We have agreed with Derby County to gather evidence & feedback on the festival where possible so please send me any photos of the children completing an activity, any photos of their completed worksheets or any written feedback you have on how your children have enjoyed the festival  - 

The Activities must be completed during this week - Monday 18th to Friday 22nd May 2020.  Good luck and enjoy.


Well done to Scarlett and Leo for having ago at several of the activities and sending me some great photos.


 Dear Parents,
I hope you are all safe and well. I hope you and your children are managing to stay active and able to do some form of exercise each day. We have had some fantastic weather over the last couple of weeks which has made it easier to get out in the garden, go for a bike ride or even a walk. I have also been keeping myself busy running, biking, walking, walking my dog - Flip Flop, Netball and many other various activities. I have just about completed a couch to 5K run programme last week with my husband which we are thrilled about. I would love to see how you are all staying active, I have had a few photos and videos sent to me that I can now show you all. I’m desperately missing doing PE and all the sports clubs. I will be setting some personal challenges very soon. Stay safe, stay ACTIVE. Mrs Shenton. Please share your activities to  


New Wednesday challenge - how long can you ‘plank’ for? Can you do 1 minute? Can you beat my new time of 3 minutes? Challenge yourself to improve your times - you need a strong core...

An excellent effort from Olivia in Year 5, just under 2 minutes, great core strength.

A super effort from year 5 Lily, 3 minutes and 7 seconds. Superstar.

 Thanks to Lily who has set this weeks Wednesday challenge - Can you cross skip at least 10 times, can you do more than 10, can you do it with your eyes closed? Personal challenge - improve your score each time.

Well done to Grace in Year 5 - Grace has learnt how to ride her bike in a day. What a lockdown Legend. Brilliant achievement. Thanks for sharing your video. Enjoy riding your bike.

What another Lockdown Legend. It was Harry’s 7th birthday last week, he had a new bike and  has learnt to ride it during Half term, his sisters Alahna and Grace are fantastic role models. Super impressed with the new skill the Frost family have learnt during the last few weeks. They have been very active, not only riding their bikes but having running races, Harry has also been practising his football skills everyday. Well done Harry, hope you had a great birthday and thanks for sharing your video and photos. Happy biking. 

Scarlett and Leo have tried some of the Active Derbyshire Orienteering Activities during the half term break. They have demonstrated they both know the 4 cardinal points of a compass N, E, S, W, completed a super Scavenger hunt, built a fantastic den, drawn a treasure hunt map and tried problem solving - moving water using a cup. A wonderful effort with great photos and videos. Thank you both for supporting and embracing the resources on offer - a well deserved pat on the back, you are both active superstars.

A brand new exciting new Wednesday Challenge. Thank you to former Heath Fields pupil, Theo Underwood, for setting you a football challenge. Theo and his brothers are greatly missed at the school, especially by myself, they were amazing sport superstars, true all rounders. All 3 have a passion and talent for football, they are a big part of the Hatton United junior football club - Super Hornets. Good luck with having a go at ‘Theo’s Stepover ‘, share any photos or videos with me showing your attempts. Thank you so much to Theo, family, and Hatton United for supporting us during this time to Stay at home and Stay Active. I look forward to having further challenges set by Max and CJ.

Wow! Well done Oliver, a super video showing you demonstrating the ‘step over’ football challenge. Thank you for taking the time to have a go, I hope you have enjoyed challenging yourself to master this particular football skill with Theo’s help. I’m very proud of you and I know Theo will be too. Keep practising.

Another fantastic effort demonstrating ‘step overs’. Thanks to Year 6 Logan for having a go at Theo’s fab challenge. Logan is a very keen footballer and has been a key member of the school football team. Well done Logan, hopefully a skill he can now add to his football. We are very proud of you. Keep being active.

This week would normally see all at Heath Fields enjoying and participating in Health and Fitness week, ending the week with a celebration and fantastic display of sporting achievements and team work by hosting our annual Sports day. The photo below shows the pupils that were successful last year. Have you been thinking about health and fitness this week at school or at home, a healthy heart, healthy diet. Why don’t you have your own races at home in your garden - running, skipping, egg and spoon, standing long jump, 3 legged. Share your activities with us to see.

A super opportunity for all Netball fans to participate in a virtual Netball session next Monday. I will be introducing Bee Netball within school as soon as we can. Look below for details to sign up, spaces are limited, get your grown ups involved too.

Logan in Year 6 and his brother Archie in Year 1 have been very active over the last few months. They have done lots of walking, football training, canoeing, skate boarding, biking, learning new stunts on their scooters and making things out of wood. Sounds brilliant. A super well done to them both. So pleased to hear from you both and be able to share with everyone what you have been doing.

 Logan has challenged himself by trying the ‘keepy ups’ challenge. Great skills, brilliant hand and eye coordination, amazing concentration. Super achievement Logan, glad you are enjoying trying the different activities. Can’t wait to see what else you can do safely at home.

What a future gymnastic superstar. Evie has demonstrated she has successfully completed the Tuesday Gymnastics challenge - balances on one foot. Evie has super balance and wonderful tension and extension, her posture is exquisite. It’s brilliant  that Evie has managed to do all of this in her garden. Thanks for sharing Evie.