1. Staff work from home

Staff work from home

I hope everyone is safe and managing their absence from work. Whilst we continue to work via the rota system, for the foreseeable future, please find CPD opportunities and ideas to work on at home. Please feel free to use as you require.


CPD courses - a list of short CPD courses accessible online courtesy of Jess T and the Mosley Academy. Click on the link below to access course information.


 List of CPD courses


Ideas for teaching staff:

  • Regularly update working from home pages for your class and respond to any emails.


Revisit Performance Management objectives in relation to subject leadership:


To ensure an up to date policy is in place

To collate a curriculum map which shows how the curriculum area is organised across the school (what we currently have)

To collate skills progression information which shows when specific skills are taught and developed (what we currently have)

To collate the above information in a curriculum coordinator file




Keep in touch with your colleagues


Share any ideas, new home learning resources or something funny!


Keep yourself and your family safe


Web Sites that support Well Being - Click on the link below




Mates in Mind

Mental Health