1. Reception work from home

Hello everyone! We are missing you all lots and hope to be able to see you very soon! Stay safe. From Mrs Palmer, Mrs Wynne and Mrs Matkin! 

Reception work from home

Hello Reception,


We hope that you have had a good week during what should have been half term.  We hope that you have managed to find some time to have some outdoor fun, spend some family time and do lots of fun things. 


This week, our topic is Pirates aarrggghhhhh! This is to link with this weeks' phonics learning on the trigraph /ure/


We hops that you have lots of fun this week and we look forward to seeing what you get up to on Tapestry.


Have a great week everyone, stay safe and keep having fun!



The EYFS Team,

Mrs Wynne, Mrs Palmer and Mrs Matkin 




Summer 2 Week 1


Here is your home learning plan for this week.


Below are some pirate craft ideas:

Pirate hat

Treasure map


Here are your phonics resources for this week:

Phase 3 Pirate tricky words

Phase 4 Pirate tricky words

Buried Treasure template

Phase 3 Pirate colour by sound

Pirate flashcards

/ure/ workbook

Circle that word!

/ure/ spotter story

Here are your maths resources for this week:

Pirate halving

I-Spy addition to 20




Summer Term Week 5

You will find your learning for this week here.

Below are some topic resources to support you this week:

Tiger mask

Tiger colouring

Join the dots

Tiger tube craft

Time power point

o' clock times

Capacity 1

Capacity 2

/er/ powerpoint

/er/ phoneme spotter

Phase 3 flash cards




Summer Term Week 4


You will find your learning for this week here.


Below you will find some resources to help you:


Phonics Daily Powerpoint

/air/ buried treasure (Can you read and sort the words- are they real or made-up? Real words go into the treasure chest, made-up words go in the bin.  You can use this copy or you could even make your own!)


All about the number 14

Numicon doubles to 14

Number bond butterflies template

Days of the week cards

Repeating caterpillar patterns

Summer Term Week 3

This week, we have put all of your home learning tasks onto one document- we hope that this will make learning from home easier and more accessible.  Remember that the topic learning is for the next two weeks! You can find your home learning for this week here  .

Our new topic this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar. We can't wait to see your ideas for the story.


Below, you can find some resources which will help you:

I-spy number 13

All about number 13

Making number 13

Phonics daily powerpoint

First 100 High Frequency Words

Minibeast hunt sheet



Summer Term Week 2


You will find everything that you need for this weeks learning at home by following the links below.


Maths learning can be found by clicking here.

Please click the following links to access some resources which you may find useful this week.

Number 12 powerpoint

Making number 12

All about number 12

Part, Part, Whole


We would also like you to continue to work on measures- weight. Here you can find some brilliant ideas of practical ways to do this. (This document has been sourced from White Rose Maths, which is a scheme of work we use in school).

White Rose-Weight


Phonics learning for this week can be found here.

Please click the following links to access resources which will help your child to remember the new sounds this week.


Phonics sounds powerpoint

ow word hunt

ur word sorting


Please see the newsletter sent out on the school jotter app regarding online daily phonics lessons which are now available through 'Letters and Sounds' which is the approach we use for teaching in school.  Details of how to access this can be found on the letter sent out in the app but if you need any help with this then please contact us through Tapestry.  Each session will be online daily from Monday 27th April and at 10am there is a lesson to teach the Reception sounds for the summer term and at 11am there is a recap and additional practice session which will be useful if your child finds phonics tricky. 


This week, we have set some topic learning based on the theme of Jack and the Beanstalk.


You can find lots of topic ideas here.

Below you will find some resources which you may find useful, however, please remember that in the nature of Early Years, practical activities and games are best, however, we know that some parents (especially if you are working from home too!) like to be able to print off some activities too!

Giant description

Magic beans for counting and sequencing

Sequencing pictures

  Summer Term Week 1


Please see below the links which you will need for this weeks home learning.


Maths Learning can be found by clicking here.

Please click the following links to access some resources which you might find useful.

Number 11 powerpoint

Making Number 11

All about number 11

Part, part, whole

I-Spy number 11



White Rose Length and Height


Phonics Learning can be found by clicking here.

Please click the following links to access some resources which you might find useful.

Phonics sounds powerpoint

Word Hunt

/ar/ real and alien words

/oi/ activity sheets





Here are some ideas of activities for you to try at home whilst we are unable to get into school.


This is a suggested idea of an outline of the day.


We appreciate that this will be a difficult time with lots of uncertainty and the need for time to learn as well as time to play and relax.  Here are some ideas of ways to maintain a happy home during this time.


In EYFS, we like to make learning as practical as possible through games etc.  Here are some ideas of ways in which you could do this at home. EYFS Home Learning


There are lots of apps and websites available which are free to access during this stressful time, please use some of these to continue your learning at home.

Phonics and Reading




We have allocated lots of extra books and games for you to continue to access books and reading tasks at home on bug club (logins for Bug Club can be found inside your child's reading record).


Week 2- Phonics

Please click here to access this weeks sounds for learning at home and activities.


Within the recap aspect of phonics, you will see lots of suggested ways of recapping the sounds we have already taught, such as making your own flashcards.  If you have access to a tablet or laptop, here is a powerpoint which you may wish to use to revisit prior learning.



Week 1- 3D shapes

We would like you to explore the concept of 3D shape at home.  Here is the main teaching and vocabulary you could use with your child and suggested activity ideas, such as building a junk modelled robot and naming the different 3D shapes you can see.


Week 2- 2D shapes

This week, we would like you to explore the concept of 2D shapes at home.  Remember to try to reinforce learning from last week on 3D shapes during teaching this week too! Here is the plan for main teaching.  Here are some other ideas you may wish to use during learning at home on 2D shape.


If you have access to a printer, here are the activities we have given in the plan for learning this week- building a shape dinosaur and colour by shape. Remember that it is not a problem if you cannot access a printer, as we have given alternative ways to complete these activities on the plan for main teaching. Have fun with shapes!



As it would have been the Easter break for the next two weeks, we will not be setting maths and phonics learning.  Here are some Easter challenges we would like you to try to complete over the next two weeks.  How many of the challenges can you complete? We are looking forward to seeing your photographs as one tapestry post once you have completed your Easter challenge card!


We hope you manage to enjoy the fun of Easter time, even during this challenging time.


Mrs Wynne and Mrs Palmer can be contacted through Tapestry, should you need any support or advice.  We look forward to seeing all of your learning on Tapestry (but it is not compulsory for it to be uploaded).


We will continue to upload new ideas of ways you can learn at home and our new learning e.g. phonics sounds and maths concepts via Tapestry.