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Welcome to Reception.

 In reception, our teacher is Mrs Wynne on a Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Palmer on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Matkin is in our class to support us every day.


As part of our topic work, we will be spending lots of time ensuring all children follow our class rules. These are:

  • We share (our sensible squirrel)
  • We listen and learn (our learning ladybird)
  • We are a brilliant friend (our brilliant butterfly)
  • We always try our best (our busy bee)
  • We are kind and helpful (our clever caterpillars)

On the carpet we show good looking, good listening & good sitting.

Children are expected to spend short amounts of time throughout the day on the carpet and they are expected to listen. We ask for hands up during whole class time. In EYFS the rest of the time is free-choice and the children can get a drink and go to the toilet whenever they choose.


We teach phonics, guided reading, writing, topic, Talk4writing, maths, music, PE, PHSE and RE (Knowledge and Understanding of the world).

Maths is taught through a mastery approach and we will be following White Rose. We will do a session to drop into later in the term. An example is looking at the five-ness of five. Addition, subtraction, doubling, halving, number bonds and patterns.

Phonics is taught using Letters and Sounds. We teach a sound over two days. We begin with Phase 2 which are your single sounds. These need to be taught as ‘pure’ sounds.

We follow the scheme ‘Letter Join’ to teach handwriting, which is a whole school approach. We teach the letters in print with a lead out and some of them are loopy letters.

Our topic this term is Super me! We will be learning through questions such as:

  • What makes me super?
  • What makes a superhero super?
  • Who are our superheroes at school?
  • How can I be a super friend?

We do not do ‘Show and tell’ but we will talk about our weekends on a Monday morning. This will eventually be replaced by a drawing by your child and talking about their weekend, and eventually represented with words and then sentences. So, please chat with your child on a Monday morning about what they would like to share in class. If they have anything special from the weekend, then they can bring it in to show us, but please nothing of value. We ask that children do not bring toys, games, or valuable items into school as they may get lost or broken.

Children can also bring in certificates when they achieve them such as swimming and dance exams and the children can share these in assembly.


We have PE on Tuesdays and Wednesdays so please make sure that your named PE kit is always in school. 


We send Learning Logs home in the week and collect them in on a Monday. We understand that weekends can be a busy time; however, the activities are all fun based to consolidate learning and should take no more than 10 minutes (unless you wish to spend longer). If you do not get time to complete them, just pop us a note in and please send them back in. We will send them back out, usually on a Wednesday.

Please, please read with your children as often as you can. Comment or sign to say you have read. If there are no comments, we presume your child hasn’t read at home.

ALL children will start with picture books.

Bug club is our online library. The books link to the phonics sounds we teach and can be read on a tablet, laptop or phone. Great for car journeys and waiting times. These will help with the phonics programmes taught in school and eBooks will be issued in the first term. A log in will come home with your child Term 1. You can keep this safe as it will have a username and password on.


Tapestry is there for you to use as frequently as you like. As we only get to see a snippet of learning in school, it is valuable for you to share any achievements outside of school with us. The more posts the better to help us see your child’s application of skills at home.

If we send you a Tapestry post, then we really appreciate a ‘like’ or a comment, as we will also do the same when you send us posts. We spend a lot of our time at home uploading onto Tapestry so it is lovely to know that you are seeing the posts and have a dialogue about the things we have been doing.



Parents Involvement

If you need to speak to us the best time to get us is at 8.30am or 3.30pm. Please be understanding that it is difficult to chat as we are releasing the children at the end of the day, so feel free to hang around and speak to us once the children have gone.

The school day starts at 8.45-8.55 and finishes at 3.10 which is five minutes before the rest of the school, so we can release the children before it gets busy. The gates open at 3.05pm.

Please continue to support your child at home by consolidating learning and sharing it on Tapestry so that we can create a greater profile of your child's learning.

If your child has any allergies, please let us know. We often have snack, reward time or topic work that involves food tasting, so it is important that you tell us. Children have free milk and fruit everyday and for the first term, we will provide an afternoon snack of crackers or biscuits similar to nursery.

PLEASE only send water in your child’s water bottle as we do not allow juice or squash in class. If the children want juice for their lunchtime snack this is fine, however, they will only be given water throughout the rest of the day.

Lunch times

It is important that your child has a full tummy after lunch to help them learn.  Please have a look at the menu and fill in the form in advance for an alternative lunch if there is anything that they will not like.